About us

A-Round Nature™ is the result of a culmination of very talented people: their ideas, products and knowledge combine to produce the newest in habitat and aquarium design and decorations.  Our goal was to create an affordable environment that can be properly decorated and produce the most realistic and natural environment for your pet.  We feel we have accomplished this goal.  We have attended many shows and trade events and introduced these products to the reptile and aquarium hobbies with rave reviews from experienced hobbyists and beginners alike.

Located in Garland Texas, our team now manufactures 10 different reptile habitats and 12 different aquariums:  From our 15” diameter terrarium to our 28” Diameter aquarium there is sure to be one that will fit your needs.  Supported by truly unique decorations from Universal Rocks, these products will combine and enhance any home or office!


825 Shepherd Drive

Garland, TX 75048

(972) 412-7179